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Daurian Redstart

Phoenicurus auroreus (Pallas, 1776)

Daurian Redstart

A rare Asian species of high altitudes, the range of the Guldenstadt's Redstart has not been sufficiently investigated. The species breeds on cliff faces and on talus and scree, usually on the transition between high alpine tundra and alpine meadows (Sushkin 1938). Stubendorf collected the species in the East Sayan Mountains near the Biryusinsk mine. P.P. Sushkin assumed that the species bred in the West Sayan Mountains along the northern tributaries of the Kemchik River (Sushkin 1914). V.I. Zabelin discovered this redstart as a rare breeder of rocky areas and scree slopes at high elevations of the West Sayan Mountains on the border to Tuva (Zabelin 1976). The species is rarely recorded in high alpine tundra in autumn. In the section of the West Sayan Mountains along the Yenisey, the Sayano-Shushensky Reserve, it is a rare but characteristic species of the alpine tundra (Sokolov et al. 1983; Petrov and Rudkovsky 1985). The species was also only rarely found in the upper regions of high montane Pinus sibirica forests (0.4 birds/km2) in the basin of the Bolshiye Ury River near the edges of open woodlands (Prokofyev 1988).


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