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Central Siberia
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Central Siberia

The map of Central Siberia The considered territory from point of view of its geographical  positions located in the boreders of the  Western-Siberian plain country, Sayan-Altay mountain country and Central-Siberian country, which include Western-Siberian plain, Salayr-Kuznetsky area, with Kuznetsky depression, Western and East Sayans with laying to the north from them Minusinsky and Chulym-Yeniseisky depressions, Tuva depression and Tuva upland with contiguous to them mountain-ridge of Western and East Tannu-Ola,  Sangilen upland. To the north of mountains of Southern Siberia (Sayans) places Central-Siberian plateau, passing in North-Siberian lowland and further in Byrranga mountains.

South of Central Siberia represents a combination of raised lands and depressions. From west, region is limited by Kuznetsky Alatau, where from its foothills Chulym-Yeniseisky depression begins. It is separated from Minusinsky depression by Batenevsky mountain-ridge, which further on south-west passes into the Abakansky mountain-ridge. In the south, Minusinsky depression adjoins to foothills of Western Sayan, representing the complex of mountain system consisting from rather narrow mountain-ridges. The watershed of Sayansky mountain-ridge, extend in the northeastern direction. On a joint of Western and East Sayan, mountain unit with brightly expressed alpine relief is located. East Sayan is stretched from south-east on northwest and form system of mountain-ridge with so-called white-mountains. By south from Sayan and up to mountain-ridge of Tannu-Ola and to the north of upland Sangilen Central-Tuva depression is located. From west it is limited by Shapshalsky mountain-ridge of Altay mountains, on east it passes in East-Tuva upland. Along East Sayan from south-east on northwest, Irkutsk-Cheremhovsky  plain is extended. On northeast it is limited by Western outskirts of Lena-Angarsky plateau, on the north and northwest - southern extremity of Angarsky mountain-ridge.

The climate as a whole for all region is characterized by sharp continental conditions. The distinctions exist in the varying of temperature range, in the humidity and some other parameters. It is connected to various height above sea level, with presence of powerful mountain systems, deep valleys and depressions.
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